Summer Moved On

11:40 PM

Hello everyone! I missed this place so much, I found myself refreshing the pages of the blog so many times this months, wishing to have the strength to posting again, but at some point I just really felt like I need a bigger refresh, a big change for me and for the blog. So I decided that it's time for me to change the appearance for something more serious and inviting. Then I decided that I want to associate the name of the blog to me, to my name, Sapir. I had a lot of doubts about it and I was unsure if I want to go for it, so it took a lot of time for me to finally do it, to take the risk and just follow my heart. But thats it, I did it! and I'm completely sure with the choice that I made! So this is the new design, and this is the new me, I am opening 2016 with refreshing new me. and I hope it will be a wonderful year for all of us! Happy new year and cheers for new started! (for the full meaning of the new name click the butten "About me")

I took this photos for a special project I planned for the Blog's birthday in August, but I never had the chance to use them beacouse I disappeared. The consept was the four elements of nature; Water, Air, Earth and Fire. This post is dedicated to Earth. The ruling colors here are red, orange and brown, on their various shades. I really love those warming colors, the combination between them makes a relaxing and clean set who combining perfectly and makes it easy and nicely to look at. This is a little nice reminder of what summer looked like, Winter is officially here!  

 Shirt&Shorts- F21 • Sandals- ZARA • Bracelet- H&M

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  1. nice post!!! kiss from ITALY


  2. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)