Valentine's Day

2:04 PM

♥ Eleanor & Park Book
♥ Red Bra
♥ Red Bag
♥ Valentino Perfume
♥ Red Lipstick
♥Moet Champagne
Valentine's day for me is mostly just a date. Not the kind of date when you go out with the prince of your dreams, but just a date in the year when you can show the people who really been there for you this year how much they meant to you, how much you care about them and how big is your love for them. This is our opportunity to just stop being self-concentrated for a minute and just be there for those who love us. And let's be honest, this is our chance to take out from the closet all our Red \ Pink stuff and just be fool for one day!
Happy Valentine's Day

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5 תגובות

  1. Perfect items for Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day :) xo- Fashion Phases


  2. Amazing post dear, beautiful things for Valentine's day! Have a lovely day :-)

  3. Definitely valentine's day perfect and sexy!

  4. I love Eleanor and Park such a great book! I followed you on Google Friend Connect!!x