Cake By The Pool

8:54 PM

Hi there! I'm sorry that I'm not so active lately, I don't really have a good reason for that, I just got a little bit lazy haha. So on Thursday I celebrated My 20's! It was magical and super weird, I still have the feeling that i'm 18 so this is a real messed up, I really need to grow up and realize that I'm not a teen anymore, so cheers to my 20's! cause they just started and god they started very well! On Thursday I went to a breakfast with my big sis, Coral, I started to pay attention to the food that I puts in to my body and It's been a month now that I'm kinda vegan, I don't eat meat, eggs or milk product (although I ate milk and meat this weekend, I let myself deviate only this time). After that we took a walk at the mall and did a little shopping, When I came back home, my mom surprised me with balloons, flowers and a cake, it was amazing!. On Friday I went to a spa with my sister and my cousin (who had a Bday too, happy bday Hen!), We did a massage and ate a delicious breakfast (with eggs again. oops!) and then we sat by the pool and took a lot of pictures!. On Saturday I went with my family to a restaurant in Tel-Aviv to celebrate my Bday who by the way was super duper delicious!! I'm definitely gonna come back there again!. Then we went ro Sarona Market, also in Tel-Aviv, this is a compound full of great stores and restaurants, I bought there a Patiphone from Story (;Crosley Radio) which was my biggest wish for something like two years!! for two years I want that patiphone and I finally got it!! I'm soo happy!!. 

So the outfit that I wore to the spa (;Jumpsuit from American Eagle) is inspired by the festive season! it's finally Coachella time! and I wish I could be there right now! hope to be there next year, but till' then lets enjoy and pretend we are there with all the boho chic outfits we can wear to the beach or the pool time.

Tshirt - F21 • Jeans - NudieJeans • Belt - Bershka • Necklace - Brandy Melville

Jumpsuit&Sandals - American Eagle • Flowers Crown - Rockglam

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