My Trip To Berlin

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Hi everyone! here is the post from my trip to Berlin. it took a little while to publish it because I had a very stressful month, but here it is! so most of the photos were taken by my Iphone cause I really wanted to upload them to my Instagram IG while I was in Berlin so all of you could see everything that I'm doing on live! but there is also some photos that I took with my Cannon. Enjoy!

So when we arrived to Berlin we went straight to the Alexanderplatz, the center of Berlin and where we slept at.

We found a little nice coffee shop to rest from the flight, that coffee shop become our little place for the rest of the days! haha

We bought some fruits for the apartment, it felt like our new home, and believe me, we really wanted it to be our permanent! the view from there is stunning and the design is so simple and pretty.

we went to Mauer Park there I met My dear friend Rossana, this park is amazing, there is a lot of street performance and stalls with a lot of great things and a really good vibes! than we went out to find some nice pubs and resturants, my local friend Rossana took us to the best coctails restaurant in Berlin, it was deffinetly the best cocktail I ever drink.

On the second day we went to the heckscher market, a big street with all the good stores you can imagine!

So we shopped and shopped and well.. shopped!
I found some very special products and well, my closet is very happy right now! 

On the third day, we went to Primark and the big mall of Berlin because the shopping of the second day wasn't enough, and yeah I felt like taking a pic with my donut


On the fourth day we went to the wall of Berlin, East side gallery, the wall is super long and the graffiti is awesome! there were some artists who painted on the walls, is was a treat for our eyes
I found the boat I slept in two years ago with my delegation from school, I was very proud of myself consider the fact that my memory is horrible!
We were very rush the Coldplay concert, so we stopped by for less than 5 min at the brandenburger gate,we took some quick pics and ran away to the apartment

There it is, the reason we all flight to Berlin, the Coldplay concert. It was more than amazing, it was a dream come true, I can't even explain how perfect and exciting it was!

And then came the last day, we went to the Mauerpark area where we spent our first day at, I was looking for good record store and I found one!

Before we arrived to the airport, we stopped by for last nice banana cake and coffee to say goodbye to Berlin in the best way we now.


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  1. Beautiful Berlin, and your yellow shirtdress is quite a darling. You look beautiful, carina!


  2. In love with these pictures and looks like you got a lot of shopping done while away! ;-) x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture