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Hi everyone! this is a special post with a new and exciting collaboration! I really love finding new inspirations around the globe and it is becoming really easy to do with the technology we are having today. The social medias help us know things and brands we've never heard of or exposed to without it. That is how I found this amazing brand - Lundi. When I saw the special earrings Lundi is creating I couldn't resist and send immediately a massage, and what  I found in the other side is a lovely girl from Italy who inspired me so much and not just with her amazing work but with the name behind it and the big massage that hiding behind all this artistic and unique designs, Lundi creating earrings from natural and real flowers, you can actually feel and smell the flower while you wearing it! they call each earring by a month name, mine is July which is perfect for this season, I didn't plan this but it turned out really good for me since now is July! I'm inviting you to keep reading the post and see what Lundi's creator had to say about the brand, the name and the big meaning behind the earrings - Live the moment!

I was always interested by nature and found it very inspiring in my creations. Last Spring I used some flowers to create a necklace for a special event and everybody commented on how amazing it looked. I had the idea on standby for a while and one day, while brainstorming with a friend it all came together when we realized it would be very interesting to create adornments having in mind the flowers' and plants' properties. Lundi is Monday in french, Monday symbolizing the first day of a new chapter, a new beginning. Monday refers to the day of the moon (Moon Day) and the moon is a symbol of feminity and of the rhythm of time because it embodies the concept of cycles. I felt everything came together under this term and at the time I was living in France, so that's why I chose Lundi.

I make handcrafted with natural elements such as leaves and flowers. The result is a unique piece of jewelry that is not meant to last forever, instead it remind us of the evanescence of life and the importance of living the moment. These ornaments are special because they possess not only a beautifying intention, as they will provide you with the properties of the plants they are made of.  Nature affects how we feel and it will transmit its harmonizing properties to restore our inner peace or emotional balance. I use one type of flower that has the same appearance when it's dry as when it is fresh. The other leaves evolve with time, changing shape and even color. Some dry up and stay green for months, other lose their green after weeks, each plant has a different way of dealing with time.


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